Surely you have heard about the concept of the server. But have you ever wonder that a server can contain how much Website? To give the correct answer to this question, then please consider the following factors to yourself to give the correct answer.

  1. Website design

First you need to design platforms and software to your Website. Your website can be designed as a static HTML page or a Web page. Usually static Web sites often include many simple Website has less information. So these Website characteristics of these often constitute small size due to simple design and less functional.

Contrasts, dynamic HTML websites often have very large size contains a lot of content, functionality and very complex information is created from content management system CMS.

On a server that can accommodate about 250 to 500 because they are simple static Website and there is not much volume. For dynamic Websites, the number of which a server can contain varies from 150 to 250. These metrics can completely change according to the Customize or extend the software is placed on the Website.

  1. Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the maximum possible speed of data transmission in 1 second. Or it is a metric used to describe the amount of data including Upload and Download between the websites or number of users in a unit time. So with the number of large bandwidth Website, they will consume more CPU and RAM on the server. It will affect the number of websites to be in a server.

  1. Other factors

Most of the applications and software used in the server have to be customized to meet your needs. The add-on, control panel or any third software you want to install the add on the server will also consume a significant amount of resources on the server.

Therefore, a server can contain more or less the Website also depends on how much additional software installation support. When you install as many applications, your server must spend a lot more resources and your server contains less than Website.

  1. Email hosting services

When you use the Email Hosting services for your server, the number of resources on the server will also increasingly spend more based on the amount of email each day. So on a server, you should only use 25 GB of the drive to contain as well as Email should only provide about 250 Email accounts only.

The conclusion

Everything above is the key factors affecting the work a server can contain how much Website. Now surely you’ve given are the answer for yourself. Hope the article the article helped you make the answer choice for math a server can contain how many Website.