Cloud computing is a new technology, not one of us knows how to use this technology. Here is a way to share data across cloud services. Cloud computing also known as virtual servers, computing is computing model using computer technology and development based on the Internet. In this computing model, all likely related to information technology are offered in the form of “service”, allowing the user to access the services from a supplier somewhere “in the cloud” that do not need to have the knowledge technology, experience, nor need attention to the infrastructure that serves it.

Click to share files across the service cloud

In today’s digital age, it is hard not to be able to store and share data, information, pictures. We can save your documents on Dropbox, a few songs, favorite movies on Amazon’s digital warehouse or your photo albums on Picasa.

Imagine if we can merge those services together, or at least have, a portal provided allows us to have access to the necessary files. Otixo is one of the free software that can help you do this. We can easily use this software in 4 steps:

-Step 1: Create an account Otixo. This is completely free software, so it does not require too much information about users.

-Step 2: Adding cloud services your first and then the other services. The different services it requires the various security measures but most are fairly simple.


-Step 3: To add cloud services complement (this is the difference when we use software Otixo), click the plus icon in the upper left, next to “My Cloud sevices “. In addition, the software also allows to connect multiple FTP server if necessary.

Add the service Cloud computing into your account

-Step 4: Once you have completed the above steps, meaning that the service is connected and active, we can easily check your files and move them from the service to other services (depending on the storage limits of the service). All what we need to do is right click on the file; there will be a lot of options are displayed.

For those who use cloud-computing teTRchnology in a professional manner, the software really is a professional assistant to help them gain maximum saving time. Hopefully Otixo will upgrade and add more services in the future.

Server virtualization is a technology that is thoroughly exploits increasing ability to work of the hardware in a host system. It acts as an intermediate floor between computer hardware and system software running on it. The idea of server virtualization technology is from a single physical machine can form multiple independent virtual machines. Virtualization allows creating multiple virtual machines on one physical server, each virtual machine also allocated hardware resources such as CPU, Ram, including the real network cards, hard drives, other resources, and the operating system. When running the application, the user will not realize that applications running on virtual hardware layer.


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