Born in 2007, the concept of Cloud VPS and cloud computing technology has become a monument to store data. In addition, the Cloud VPS hosting server or has been the form of storage, backup completely common by the individual customer or business needs archiving, backup and update technology advances.

Cloud VPS full name is Cloud Virtual Private Server, also known under the name of a virtual private server based cloud computing technology. Indeed, the name of it was stating to know what Cloud VPS is. It is a form of virtual servers to be rebuilt on a cloud computing platform, be granted access to each account separately. Additionally, Cloud VPS can also complete the major components such as RAM, CPU and hard drive…. In fact, Operation Cloud VPS need internet accesses, bandwidth, with the transmission line, have a fixed IP address go with.

The difference between VPS and Basic Cloud VPS

The basic difference between VPS and Basic Cloud VPS here lies in the “Cloud”. Look at we can see immediately VPS was formed from the split data from one physical server and give the user. While a Server that justice must provide resources for one or more VPS to use, the ability to meet surely must have limits, frequent shortage of resources when running multiple VPS on a server so reasonable.

Cloud VPS understand that the problem should have been solved by creating VPS account from a cloud computing platform. Meanwhile, the platform is formed by connecting a series of parent servers and storage devices, network equipment, switches … So while VPS is a server responsible mother to all tasks, storage, management, distribution, the Cloud VPS tasks will be distributed and completed by the specialized equipment to create a complete system, safe and stable.


The advantages of Cloud VPS

– Scalable and easy to optimize and upgrade the power server

– Custom Infrastructure – Customers can customize network architectures, firewalls, load balancers and deploy IP

– Completely assured of security for your own server. When customers on the cloud to share hacked or virus, your Cloud Servers will be completely separate from no risk to your data.

– Each customer on the cloud can select the operating system of their own

– Storage SAN – Unlimited Bandwidth

– The availability is high – when a physical server having problems, then the cloud server is moved to a different physical server immediately.

– No need to be concerned about RAM or CPU.

The disadvantages of Cloud VPS

– Higher cost VPS

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