When you have chosen hosting solution for your business is a fertility services with company size, number of customers and upgrade later is very important to let you choose the service.

Simple as currently on the market most people use hosting for web sites of small or individual business small, but with a business or a normal company, the VPS or dedicated servers new physical response required.

Yet few people understand this, just when they are counseling services, they understand, or in some cases to decide and use the packages have lower capacity, small lead to the web at or very weak when the visitor visit your web…. So this article I would like to guide you through the VPS and cloud hosting services are two or more people are interested and the most used.

What is Cloud VPS?

Cloud VPS is a system built on the crazy cloud platforms using VMware technology. Cloud VPS is a web hosting solution, you try to imagine if a web host can be 99.99% uptime with fully redundant systems and high scalability. Cloud server features restored and replaced immediately when a VPS has the problem. Especially with data storage, systems focus SAN “Storage Area Network” that helps reduce maintenance time and the ability to upgrade expands the storage capacity up to more than 1000 TB.

The benefits of using Cloud VPS

  • Can be used to set up the virtual Web Server, Mail Server as well as other application servers and can personalize according to needs also lure easily share data, the data transmission between the branches.
  • No costly equipment purchases, maintenance costs.
  • The optimum cost savings with 0 DD initial investment costs and low use cost level.
  • Use static IP and static IP unlimited levels.
  • High configuration is built on top of technologies Cisco, Netapp, Vnware … and can upgrade to 100 GB/s.
  • Virtual Server cloud capable of high security
  • Regularly backup (backup) automatically
  • -Easy to use with user friendly interface
  • Secured by the system Firewall, Anti Virus, Anti Spam, professional.
  • Virtual server to easily upgrade your server configuration according to needs of use (CPU, RAM, HDD)
  • Bandwidth, transfer flow depending on the needs of our customers
  • Be able to reinstall the operating system from 5-10 minutes (necessary in an emergency to the maximum the network crash time reduction of the system, the error case, overload or network attacks)
  • Virtual servers allow you can administer remotely using Remote Desktop or SSH, install the applications business management, CRM, customer management, online sales …
  • VPS servers help businesses save costs while still meet the requirements as a regular server. Administrators have access to the highest (administrator) to install and configure the virtual servers (VPS). All customer data are stored independently should have higher security than Shared Hosting

Flexible expansion capabilities

  • The normal host VPS on 1 individual servers, when customers want to upgrade a VPS, if that server resources are still alright, but if the server is off reserve resources, then the upgrade will interrupt VPS 1 time , however, is not much.
  • For the Cloud VPS resource, then the reserves is very much and always ready to upgrade your VPS, allocation is also very fast.