Typical specific cloud computing services (Cloud Computing) to provide public services and software based on virtual server can provide a dich for users. How much pay rent.

1/Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS-infrastructure services): provides raw infrastructure users (usually in the form of virtual machine) as a service.

The virtual architecture stack is an example of the tendency of everything is the same and the service generally. Than a rental server, centralized storage space or network devices, workstations, rather investing all you may purchase the full hire external service. These services typically cost calculated on the basis of the calculation functions and resource use (and from there out costs) will reflect the level of activity. Full is a development of the web hosting solutions and individual virtual servers.

Typical characteristics:

  • Provide resources as services: including servers, network devices, memory, CPU, hard disk space, data center equipment.
  • Flexible extensibility
  • Costs vary depending on the fact
  • Many people shared the same rental on a resource
  • The enterprise level: benefit for the company by an aggregate computing resources

2/Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS-platform service): provide API for developing applications on a platform abstraction

The computing platform and offers a set of solutions. It supports the development of applications that do not interest costs or the complexity of the installation and management of hardware and software layers below. Providing all the features needed to support the full life cycle of building build and deliver an application and web services available on Internet without any download or installation operations software for those who develop, manage, or end users. It is also known by a different name as cloud ware.

Provide the service platform (PaaS) include the conditions for a process application design, development, testing, deployment and storage of valuable applications such as application services such as typesetting, group collaboration and integration of web services , database integration, security, scalability, management status, application versions, the benefits to the community development and applied research. These services are prepared as a solution computer on the web.

Typical characteristics:

  • Serving for the development, test, deployment, and cum operate like application integrated development environment
  • The initialization tool with a web-based interface.
  • Homogeneous architecture
  • Integrated web services and databases
  • Collaboration support group development


Platform service (PaaS) are in early and is favored in the preferred capital services feature software, besides having to integrate the elements of the system platform.

The advantage of the project to gather the work group that the geographical dispersion.

The ability to integrate multiple sources of web services

Reduce costs in addition to the sidelines when integrated security services, scalability, error control.

Reduce costs when abstraction programming job at a high level to create the service, user interface, and other application elements.

Expect knowledgeable users can continue to improve and support interaction with many people to help identify how it’s difficult problems we encounter.

Towards the use of technology to facilitate easier development of multi-user applications for people not only in team programming that can combine multiple groups working together 


Bound by the provision: due to limited dependent and supplier services

Limited development: complexity makes it inconsistent with the requirements developed as fast because of the complex features as implemented on the web platform.

3/Software-as-a-Service (SaaS-software services): provides services to the remote executable software.

Software services (SaaS) is a model of application deployment in which people offer to allow users to use the service as required. The SaaS provider can host the application on their server or downloading the client device, disable it after the end of the time limit. The demand function can be controlled inside to share the copyright of a third application provider.

Typical characteristics:

Available software requires the manage and access over the network.

A management activity from a location of more focus is at the client’s location, which allows remote access clients via the web. Provide the application typically close to 1 or more mapped models including the architectural features, price and management.

The focus feature upgrade, help users to get rid of the download patches and updates.

Often integrate the communication software on the wide area network.


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