First of all, the Cloud Server is a server product that is similar to a virtual server (VPS server) but It sets up more technology Cloud Computing (cloud computing). With the advanced features of the technology Cloud Computing help for Cloud Server products have more features than the previous server line.

All the previous server type has a certain size limit, and the upgrade of more space for the server is getting pretty hard and it took quite a long time to do this, in the hosts forced active users, disrupting so much for business as well as users. Besides, when you have a project set up an app or something that must be present, the server can perform, then you are forced to buy/rent add one or more new servers were not be used with these servers are run the applications or other projects. Similarly, a project is a server, for many large business costs (not even buy) is not also matter more, but something worth saying here is the management of multiple servers at the same time so very troubling.

The use of the common server types as before still exist a lot of the other defects. But with that, Cloud Server types may be omitted are some of the issues that commonly found inadequacies and definitely can completely replace the previous common server types including virtual server VPS. Upgrading your resource Cloud Sever downright simple and quick, upgrading the resource takes only a few minutes, and contacts during upgrade is also not needed server maintenance. All of the projects can be deployed on the same server type, not enough resources; you can upgrade more, almost without limit.

The features and specifications of Cloud Server


Easy management

Cloud Server offers you the Server management interface on Web 2.0 platform with full of features on your browser; you full control to manage resources, reinstall the Server and other features.

Remote access

You can access, as well as share data anywhere via devices such as smart phones, Tablet PCs, laptops have network connectivity.

High availability

Cloud Server system has automatic mechanisms to track the status of the Server, the system automatically switching between the server when one of these Server problems. Sever in the Cloud having a problem cannot connect, then the system will transfer all the data in the server is damaged through the resources are idle in the Cloud.

Easy scalability

If the business need more resources to do that, you don’t need to hire a new server, the business you are entitled to upgrade resources for Cloud, a convenient and quick way to help you can upgrade the Server needs to use of his own.

Highly configurable and dedicated

The Cloud Server using the dedicated Server systems by leading manufacturers such as Cisco, Dell, IBM and SuperMicro with high profile and solid network Foundation.

Separate operating system

You can request the installation of Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, or any operating system would be supported.